Navarra Wines

Navarra Wines

Navarre, land of vineyards and wines diversity, offers to the market a high range of quality wines: “Vinos de Pago”, Wines protected by three Designation of Origin and wines protected by two Geographical Indications.

"Vinos de Pago"

The wine “Vino de Pago” is a figure with special recognition that protects high quality wines from special characteristics vineyards. There are five “vinos de pago” recognized by the Administration of Navarre: Pago Señorío de Arínzano, Pago Prado de Irache, Pago de Otazu, Pago de Larrainzar and Pago Finca Bolandín.

Designation of Origin wines

In the territory of Navarre coexist three Protected Designation of Origin:

The Navarra Designation of Origin, that protects the vineyards and wines of 95 towns exclusively from Navarre.

The Rioja Designation of Origin, that includes in its protected area 8 Navarrese towns located in the left margin of the Ebro river and which they are integrated in the “Rioja Baja” subarea: Viana, Aras, Bargota, Mendavia, Sartaguda, Andosilla, San Adrián and Azagra. Those towns contribute to the Designation of Origin with 6.800 Ha. of vineyard.

And the Cava Designation of Origin, reserved for the Spakling wines that are elaborated in certain towns of Barcelona, Tarragona, Lérida, Gerona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Badajoz, La Rioja, Alava and Navarre. In Navarre, the towns that belong to the D.O.Cava are Mendavia and Viana.

Protected Geographical Indications

Two PGI coexist in Navarre:

“3 Riberas” Geographical indication, table wine with the right to be metion as traditional country wine, with exclusively Navarrese scope.

“Vino de la tierra de la Ribera del Queiles”, Geographical Indication used to designate table wines from the wine area of the Queiles river that includes 9 Aragonese towns and 7 towns from Navarre (Ablitas, Barillas, Cascante, Monteagudo, Murchante, Tudela and Tulebras).


During 2020 8,686,813 liters of wine were exported, mainly to the European market. Click to know more about wine exports with DO Navarra.

Year Grapes (k) Wine (l) Official Rating
2004 145.101.241 80.926.429 Excellent
2005 113.099.521 73.207.472 Excellent
2006 125.923.956 80.067.214 Very Good
2007 105.413.827 69.750.124 Very Good
2008 84.710.633 56.216.817 Very Good
2009 99.122.781 61.923.973 Very Good
2010 87.277.666 56.961.009 Excelente
2011 71.834.870 47.796.986 Excellent
2012 63.659.690 41.977.311 Very Good
2013 69.763.620 46.743.758 Excellent
2014 75.802.021 50.288.942 Very Good
2015 84.218.523 55.871.280 Very Good
2016 82.963.204 51.143.666 Very Good
2017 59.515.883 39.587.641 Very Good
2018 81.015.390 48.354.581 Good
2019 55.925.142 39.492.164 Very Good
2020 74.986.913 45.592.374 Excellent