The Land and the Grapes

The Land and the Grapes

The Land

Navarre is located in the North of Spain, between the Pyrenees and the Ebro River Valley. It covers ten thousand square kilometres and its population is at just over half a million. Its capital is Pamplona and Tudela, Tafalla and Estella are other major towns in the region.

Navarre is enormously rich in culture and history and shows great climatic diversity having Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean weather patterns.

Soils within the D.O. Navarra are mainly limy, deep and relatively gritty, with variable texture and chemical fertility, of medium to light consistency, soft and very healthy.

The Grapes

The D.O. Navarra encompasses 11.000 Hectares of vineyards and includes the following grape varieties:

Red: Tempranillo, Garnacha tinta, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Graciano, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Mazuelo.

White: Garnacha Blanca, Viura, Chardonnay, Moscatel de Grano Menudo, Sauvignon Blanc and Malvasía.

Currently, Tempranillo plantars, cover 31,43% of the production area, followed by Garnacha (25,47%), Cabernet Sauvignon (13,31%), Merlot (13,04%), Chardonnay (6,04%), Viura (2,86%) and other varieties in lesser proportion.

Tempranillo 31,43%
Garnacha 25,47%
Cabernet Sauvignon 13,31%
Merlot 13,04%
Chardonnay 6,04%
Viura 2,86%
Sauvignon Blanc 1,61%
Garnacha Blanca 0,67%